Aavi Rural and Urban Development Organization®

"What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others remains and remains immortal forever…"

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About Us

Some of us always think about contributing to the welfare of society and fellow beings. But the constraints like financial status and other conditions hold us back and we never actually carry out our plans into action. And everything always settles down to, ‘Let us do something when the right time comes’. While waiting for the right time to come, we lose a whole lot of precious time, where we could have done many things to bring a change. Therefore it is meaningless to wait for the right time to come, when our intention is to do something good for the society. ‘The right time is right now’, each minute wasted waiting for the right time to come our way, just keeps us away from our goals and does not let us achieve our purposes.
So putting aside all constrains and probable risks, we decided to start working together towards achieving our goals. With this intention we started a non-governmental organization, which we call today as, ‘Aavi rural and urban development organization’ ® (ARUDO), at Kodur village in Shimoga district, Karnatka state, India. In this organization, we have a bunch of likeminded people including a team of doctors, social workers, literates, journalists, engineers and students who have extended their hands to work with co-operation and co-ordination, towards a better tomorrow. We are well aware that we will not be creating miracles and change everything around us all of a sudden, developing Kodur village over the night. But we work with a dream which will come true with our efforts; we begin from the small basic level goals and aspire to walk towards achieving bigger goals with the due course of time. Currently we have Kodur as the centre for our work to begin with and our organization plans to spread our goals and works all over the State of Karnataka.

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